Objectives & Aims

The objectives of the Centre include;

  • To produce students who are highly knowledgeable and skilled in applying media and information warfare strategies and tactics to real life situations.
  • To produce students of high ability to analyse, evaluate and handle national and global issues from multidisciplinary perspectives.
  • To produce strategic information specialists who are proactive and knowledgeable to carry out legal, ethical and political tasks with a great sense of responsibilities.
  • To explore, analyse and develop knowledge on media and information warfare via research networks and consultancies, publications, collaborative efforts, scholarly exchange programs and archival works.
  • To become a reference centre for the country in terms of policy formation and decision making on media and information warfare.

In order to achieve its mission, CMIWS aims to provide the following:

  • Post graduate programmes which expose students from various disciplines with philosophical, theoretical and professional knowledge on media and information warfare, experiential learning, seminar course, case studies, research and professional talks to prepare them to be area experts, warfare analysts, strategic thinkers, planners, scholars and future leaders who are proactive, insightful, ethical and responsible.
  • Databases and archives on media and information warfare to enable CMIWS to become a powerful resource centre.
  • Research network and consultancies to the government, NGOs, media and communication related industries and other relevant institutions.

Centre for Information and Media Warfare Studies (CMIWS)
Fakulti Komunikasi dan Pengajian Media
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
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