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The Centre for Information and Media Warfare Studies (CMIWS) is proud to be one of UiTM's inter-disciplinary research centres, having been established in 2005 to cater to the needs of assimilating information warfare, psychological operations, international policies & comparative studies with that of technology, media and intelligence. The centre's activity involves academic and non-academic programs to specifically uphold Malaysia's national interests and security.

Here at CMIWS, we aim to develop and cultivate expertise, proficiency and understanding in media research, information and psychological warfare. Additionally, our programme is designed to nurture future strategists equipped with analytical, methodical and meticulous capability to champion issues concerning academia, scholarship, knowledge, research, skills and strategy.

CMIWS has been actively participating as well as contributing expertise in research, studies and consultancy pertaining to public and private sectors on diplomacy, intelligence & culture issues. Throughout the years, CMIWS has received numerous grants and in return published papers as well as publications in the form of books, journals, monographs, bulletins and magazines to enrich our knowledge in this ever-changing field of media warfare. Our team consists of a close-knit unit of academics, practitioners, doctoral candidates and post graduate students working in a very conducive environment emphasizing on the very essence of research and academia.





Centre for Information and Media Warfare Studies (CMIWS)
Fakulti Komunikasi dan Pengajian Media
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