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Society is an ever-changing entity; existing in a constant flux of ideas, trends, technologies and views. However, what can never change is our commitment towards excellence and progress, and this has held true since the beginning of time itself. Even before humans learnt to live together in primitive societies, excellence and progress has been the hallmark of mankind. Even when we used wooden or bone tools, we shaped them – made them lighter or heavier, easier to hold, stronger or sharper. When we used stone tools – we did the same. Similarly true for bronze, iron and steel. Then, when man learnt to write, and thereby pass along his knowledge to posterity, he wrote on stone or mud tablets with runes or cuneiform. Runes and cuneiform were then improved into alphabets or logographic characters written on paper, first in the form of scrolls and, much later, the more familiar book form.

Today, we have brought knowledge transference to a whole new level. No longer does one need to expend large amount of time and resources on production and logistics to disseminate his knowledge or views as it has been in the past with books, newspapers and stone tablets. Today, we can write as much as we want to, almost about whatever we wish to. We can upload pictures, videos, sounds and then spread these publications throughout the whole world in a mere instant and get feedback just as quickly – all made possible through the use of a small, rectangular object known (ironically) as a tablet computer. Knowledge and information flows freely throughout the world like the wind. This invention might change things – it might even change our lives; but it definitely means an improvement. Naturally, we always want to learn and to do things better.

Here at CMIWS; we extol the virtue of this nature, of academic excellence, to our students in order to produce students who are not only capable of critical and analytical thinking, but also who are well-versed with the histories and science of Smart Media and Information Operations. We believe that for our students to achieve greatness, they must not only possess great knowledge but also know and understand their place in society and the world. Only then can they find the purpose of their existence. Only then can they help our nation build a better future for Malaysia and its people by applying the knowledge gained, and more importantly is the necessary Worldview they secured here at CMIWS within their work experiences in the quest to make a difference – to render an improvement.

This is what CMIWS is all about: A Better Future for Malaysia – Through Academic Excellence.


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